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Pricing: Cybersecurity assessment for businesses of any size. 

Cybersecurity assessment cost

Affordable revenue-based pricing

Our mission is to provide a high quality, low-cost assessment that delivers in-depth cybersecurity insights for businesses of any scale.

To ensure Cyber3 is affordable we provide revenue based pricing with special discounts for partners and re-assessments.

Businesses less than £20m revenue

Get a complete organisational assessment, including maturity scoring of essential processes, an Attackers Eye View report and a full remediation strategy. With only 90 minutes of your time via a one-to-one call, we can provide you with a comprehensive security assessment and a path to cyber resilience.

Businesses with revenue between £20m and £50m

For organisations with larger digital estates, we will examine your staff roles, processes, technology, vendor management, and data asset awareness in detail. We will also do a deep dive into your organisation’s online services, no matter your size, to identify the vulnerabilities that attackers will leverage to compromise your organisation.

Businesses with revenue over £50m

For organisations with enterprise digital estates, we provide access to our portal technology to manage your remediation progress. We will also provide our CyberProfiler scanning for up to 10 unique domains. If your business is involved in manufacturing we will also assess your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for cyber risk.

Book your Cyber3 cybersecurity assessment

It takes just 3 minutes to make a booking.

Payment will be arranged after your booking is confirmed.

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