Rapid Risk Review

STORM Cyber3 is the only cyber risk assessment to cover questions commonly asked by cyber insurers.


In-depth cybersecurity assessment

What we do

Cyber3 is a high quality, low-cost assessment that delivers in-depth cybersecurity insights, and a straightforward remediation strategy to reduce cyber risks.

Our questionnaire thoroughly examines a business from multiple viewpoints. We have combined industry best practice, the insurers perspective, and an evaluation of the businesses online footprint. 

We collect the required information over a 90 minute 1-to-1 web conference. Alongside this, our cybersecurity experts perform an 'Attackers Eye View' scan, investigating any public-facing digital assets, including security vulnerabilities, domains and much more.

The result is a certificate of assessment and a comprehensive risk management report incorporating a maturity score, and a straightforward strategy to achieve cyber resilience. Assessments are priced from £995*, and the results speak for themselves...

* discounts available for insurers, brokers and their clients.


Why Cyber3?

Our assessment is a new and comprehensive approach to helping businesses understand and prioritise practical improvements to cybersecurity. Our review delivers results to executives clearly, for non-technical and technical specialists alike.

Understand your cyber risk management maturity

We provide a practical rating on risk management across five key areas. Our findings are shared in a dashboard-style presentation and summarised in a custom-written report. The Cyber3 maturity scores visually show where improvements can be made, allowing companies to act effectively to reduce their most significant risks. 

Prioritise improvements

Improvements are prioritised into a checklist of measurable actions. We convey our recommendations in straightforward language without jargon.  


To allow a business to measure their improvement, we score each measure on its overall effect on cyber maturity in a given area.

More comprehensive than other assessments

We uncover vulnerabilities that expose you to the latest cybersecurity threats. Other evaluations do not cover these risks.

Competitor assessments often miss key safeguards and are simply the 'first rung on the ladder' to achieving cyber maturity, whereas Cyber3 is a comprehensive review.


Designed with cyber insurance in mind

Cyber3 is the only cyber risk assessment that includes questions commonly asked by leading cyber insurance underwriters. Our certification helps insurers understand that you are a good risk and can help with your cyber insurance costs.

Identify key cyber risk indicators 

We keep Cyber3 up to date with the latest risks and trends using our first-hand experience as cyber incident responders. Our assessment also covers all the leading data privacy standards and organisational best-practices, including ISO 27001 /27701, PCI DSS, NIST, ENISA. 

Receive specialist insight

We deliver our assessment over a 90 minute web conference call with a cyber specialist. Our team contains some of the most experienced cyber risk management professionals in the industry. After the assessment they will share an evidence based commentary on your cyber risks, and give guidance on how to resolve them.

Certify your cyber resilience

As part of the assessment we provide a certificate that improves trust with your clients and can reduce your insurance premium. STORM Guidance issues the certificate, one of the world's leading cyber risk management and incident response providers.


Book client engagement

This is delivered via a web meeting. During onboarding we offer each management team a selection of dates and times, explaining those staff with key roles and knowledge who should attend and giving an overview of each subject area the assessment will cover.

Specialist review

A 90 minute 1-to-1 Web conference with a cyber risk specialist. The specialist will guide the business through our Cyber3 questionnaire to get an in-depth understanding of key cyber risk management areas: people, processes, technology, vendor management and data asset awareness. 

Technical vulnerability scan

Our team of cybersecurity specialists will immediately begin to assess the organisations digital footprint using advanced scanning tools to gather an ‘Attacker’s Eye View™’ of your business.

Report delivered

A cyber security specialist will write a comprehensive report containing an opinion statement and a prioritised improvement action plan. The report also includes a digital asset register and certificate of assessment.

Our experts

Our experts in cyber risk use their decades of experience to assist businesses in their understanding of cybersecurity; We pay particular attention to an organisations size and operational challenges. 


Neil Hare-Brown

As Founder & CEO, Neil has over 30 years of technical and management experience in digital investigations, incident coordination, security audit and risk management.


Hani Banayoti

As a Senior Information Security Advisor, Hani has extensive experience in managing cyber incidents with specific expertise in industrial control, government & financial sectors. 


Don Codling

As Head of Risk Consulting in the US, Don brings many years of cyber operations and investigations experience as a senior agent with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Practical help managing cyber risk

If you need an independent team of highly qualified cyber risk, cybersecurity and digital investigation specialists…