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Getting the most out of your Cyber3 cybersecurity assessment


What is Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review?

A unique and comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment

Cyber3 is a 90 minute web call with a cyber security expert, that provides a straightforward understanding of exposures and cyber incident prevention.

Who should attend?

The appropriate department managers must attend the web call

We review three business functions; finance, data protection, and IT security.


  • IT Budgeting

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Data Protection

  • Policy

  • Compliance

  • Business Information Assets

IT Security

  • Cyber Security Systems & Processes

  • Cyber Incident Management Processes

Prior to the cybersecurity assessment

You are most welcome to provide us with any relevant documentation for review prior to the call

This would be completely optional and subject to review.

We would be happy to enter into a non-disclosure agreement in the protection of such information. Examples include: IT or Information Governance/Security Policies & Agreements 3rd Party Supplier Agreements Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery/Incident Response Plans

During the cybersecurity assessment

The assessment is made up of sections, consisting of easy to answer questions

Most questions offer simple - Yes, No, In Progress, Not Applicable - answers.

There is the option to defer up to 5 questions that cannot be answered for post-review completion, although this can delay the report

  • Section A - Introduction & business details
    Gathering corporate and financial information including business size, revenue sources and IT & security budgets.

  • Section B - Your business information assets

    Identifying the categories of business and personal data, numbers of record, data concentrations and access control.

  • Section C - IT operations and cyber security function

    Understanding IT and security management including resourcing, extent of IT systems and IT services support, due diligence and contractual arrangements.

  • Section D - Your cyber risk assessment programme

    Discussing internal and external cyber risk assessment arrangements including types and regularity of assessment, impact analysis and remediation.

  • Section E - Your information governance programme
    Learning about the policies and procedures that you use to guide and mandate staff in the management of cyber risk and fraud prevention.

  • Section F - Your cyber security systems & processes
    Determining those technologies and configurations used to detect and prevent unauthorised access to business data.

  • Section G - Your cyber incident management process
    Understanding the approach your business would take to the management of a cybre incident, should it occur.

  • Section H - Historical information 
    Hearing about any past cyber security incidents and how you responded.

After the cybersecurity assessment

Evidence-based commentary

After the assessment our experts will share an evidence-based commentary on key cyber risks and give guidance on the assessment findings along with practical recommendations on how to resolve all vulnerabilities.

Book your Cyber3 assessment

It takes just 3 minutes to make a booking.


Payment will be arranged after your booking is confirmed.

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