A cyber risk assessment 
platform for brokers

Build stronger relationships with your clients by helping them understand and improve their cyber risk management maturity.

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Broker benefits

An assessment built with brokers and their clients in mind

Expand your cyber capability

We help brokers convey cyber risks and extend their capabilities with better understanding and risk management. Cyber3 is the only platform to include questions commonly asked by cyber insurance underwriters. Using Cyber3 you can help existing or prospective clients understand the need for better cybersecurity and insurance. 

Helps clients manage risk

We help clients understand cyber risk with an easy to follow, in-depth review. Our report contains a prioritised remediation checklist that relates to the business’s cyber maturity score. Maturity scoring enables a business to understand the impact certain actions will have on their cyber resilience. To learn more about how we assess and score a clients' cyber maturity click here.

Improve your relationships

We have developed a unique broker and underwriter dashboard to provide both summary and detailed level insights into client cyber risk management maturity.

This information demonstrates to insurers that clients are a good risk, and can be used to reduce risk and premiums. We also provide discounts to our partnered insurers and brokers. Request a demo to learn more.

Client benefits

Help businesses manage risk

Analysis from an attackers-eye view
Personal 1-to-1 assessment

Cyber3 reviews a client's online assets using specialist scanning tools. An experienced digital investigator will evaluate a company’s security vulnerabilities, domains, online systems and much more. Results are combined with our 90 minute 1-to-1 assessment to produce a complete overview of a company's cyber risk profile. Our report is equivalent to a cybersecurity review from one of the big four accounting firms at significantly lower time and cost. 

Our assessment is delivered by some of the most experienced cyber risk management professionals in the field. Only 90 minutes of client time is required via an expert-to-client web conference.


After the assessment our experts will share an evidence-based commentary on key cyber risks and give guidance on the assessment findings along with practical recommendations on how to resolve them.


Broker dashboard

Our partner dashboard allows you to get high-level insights into a client’s cyber risk management maturity. This dashboard provides a powerful tool for relationship building, and helps you to get the best insurance quotes for your clients.


The founders of Cyber3 have helped some of the world’s leading underwriters, brokers and their customers with risk management.

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