Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review

The cybersecurity audit trusted by insurers; find vulnerabilities and remediate risk.

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Cybersecurity audit & cyber risk remediation plan

Designed to comprehensively assess vulnerability in cyber security

Cyber3 is a superior, low-cost assessment delivering in-depth cybersecurity insights, a defined cyber essentials checklist, and trusted cyber resilience certification.

The new, comprehensive solution offered by Cyber3, supports businesses in managing vulnerability in cyber security. The assessment has been developed to give clarity over cyber risk, and a true understanding of remediation strategies for enhanced cybersecurity controls. Results are delivered through a report, and a Cyber Risk Management Maturity (CRMM) score gives full clarity for executives, management, and technical specialists working together to reduce cyber risk. 

Cyber3 is the only cyber risk assessment that includes questions commonly asked by leading cyber insurance underwriters, and certification that can often help with cyber insurance costs. Our cyber investigators have been established in the space for many years, and teamed with dedicated insurance specialists, are able to offer certification in support of cyber risk management for insures and brokers. 

Cyber security expert guided review

  • In-depth, 90 minute assessment to identify key cyber risk indicators

  • Technical vulnerability scan with our CyberProfiler: Attacker’s Eye View™

  • ISO 27001 /27701, PCI DSS, NIST, ENISA compliant

Cyber maturity

  • Dashboard-style presentation and custom-written report

  • Straightforward 1-5 score in five areas of cyber risk management maturity

  • Jargon-less risk results with visual high/medium/low risk determination

A cyber essentials checklist for remediation

  • Formal data asset register generated

  • Improvements prioritised into checklist of measurable actions

  • Clear and practical remediation advice for every high and medium risk, with commentary on low risks

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Book client engagement

During onboarding, we offer each clients' management team a selection of dates and times, inviting key roles in cyber risk management to attend and providing an overview of each subject area the assessment will cover.

Cyber security expert directed review

A 90 minute 1-to-1 web meeting with one of our experienced cyber risk specialists. The specialist will guide the business through our Cyber3 questionnaire to get an in-depth understanding of maturity in five key areas of cyber risk management: People, Process, Technology, Vendor Management and Data Asset Awareness. 

Cybersecurity vulnerability testing

Our team of cyber security experts will immediately begin to assess the organisations digital footprint using our advanced scanning and analysis platform to gather an Attacker’s Eye View™ of your business. Learn more about our CyberProfiler service.

Cybersecurity audit findings

A cybersecurity specialist will compile a comprehensive report containing your Cyber Risk Management Maturity score, an opinion statement and a prioritised improvement action plan in the form of a cyber essentials checklist. The report also includes a digital asset register and cyber resilience certification.

You will have full visibility throughout, together with explanations where clarity is needed. This should take approximately 80 minutes, leaving 10 minutes to further discuss any of the Q&A, and other cyber risk and security advice you may require. If more time is needed, we are happy to extend for up to 120 minutes if this is convenient for you.

What to expect from your cybersecurity audit

The Cyber3 assessment guided by specialist cyber investigators

During the web meeting, your assigned STORM cyber security expert will take you through an online assessment, presenting and completing a specially designed, adaptive form with your responses.

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Cybersecurity audit pricing

Affordable & revenue-based cybersecurity testing

Our mission is to provide a high quality, low-cost cyber security assessment that delivers in-depth cyber security insights for businesses of any scale.

To ensure Cyber3 is affordable we provide revenue based pricing with special discounts for partners and re-assessments.

Businesses less than £20m revenue: £995

Get a complete organisational assessment, including maturity scoring of essential processes, an Attackers Eye View report and a full remediation strategy. With only 90 minutes of your time via a one-to-one call, we can provide you with a comprehensive security assessment and a path to cyber resilience.

Businesses with revenue between £20m and £50m: £2995

Organisations with larger digital estates can get a complete review for just £2995. We will examine your staff roles, processes, technology, vendor management, and data asset awareness in detail. We will also do a deep dive into your organisation’s online services, no matter your size, to identify the vulnerabilities that attackers will leverage to compromise your organisation.

Businesses with revenue over £50m: £3995

Organisations with enterprise digital estates can get a complete review for just £3995. In addition to the full Cyber3: Rapid Risk Review, we will give you access to our portal technology to manage your remediation progress and we will also provide our CyberProfiler scanning for up to 10 unique domains. If your business is involved in manufacturing we will also assess your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for cyber risk.

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Cybersecurity audit deliverables 

Cyber resilience certification

After the meeting, a copy of the completed response will be provided for you to check. We generally provide the completed report and cyber resilience certification within 3 working days of the meeting.

Please let us know if the report is required more rapidly than this, and we will make all efforts to meet your deadline.

Cyber remediation plan

Your Cyber3 report will contain a cyber essentials checklist for improvements, as well as clearly defining vulnerability in cyber security, specific risk indicators, and an overall maturity score for cyber risk and security controls.